The Seaton Sagas

The Seaton Sagas

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A not so "winterish" winter!!

January and February have been really great and really fun months.  The weather a bit different than last year--needless to say.  In Addy's first week of life she experiences 24 inches of snow in 1 day.  Here are a few pics of last winters snow.
The snow was over Lily's head
Our snow Angel
 This winter, we did manage to have 1 day of snow...but it was a bit less impressive--but of course we had to take pictures and also take our annual Snow Angel Picture with Daddy!

Our 1 year old snow angel
As you can see, there is barely enough snow to cover the ground. :)  

Let's see...a few other noteworthy things in Jan-Feb!!!

1)  Ireland's 1st Birthday Party!  Ireland is my best friend Amber's (from my childhood and high school and college) daughter.  Addy and Ireland are less then 2 weeks apart.  Ireland made the trip to Addy's party a couple of weeks before and of course we would not have missed hers for the world.  Darrick was really sick and could make the trip to Oklahoma so Addy and momma braved the 5 hour trip alone--lets just say that I had to resort to wearing my iPod on full blast much of the trip because Addy was not the happiest little girl sitting backwards on the front seat the entire way and really had no interest in sleeping.  Oh well--we made it.  Below are a few pics of the fun party.

She loves this toy....I have to find one...someone help me

Ireland looking at camera

Addy looking at camera (couldn't get them both)

Addy who is happy

Grandma Metscher and Addy

Cake smash beginning

Cake smash end--Ireland was a bit neater than Addy :)
Such a fun day for us all. 

I guess I will end with talking about the title...our winter this year has been glorious in the fact that I can't really recall many days under 40 degrees. What a blessing for sure.  In fact...most days have been in the 50s and 60s.  Watch March be a blizzard month...ha.  Addy is so much fun an growing so so fast.  She will be walking soon for sure. We thank the Lord EVERY DAY for the gift of her.  She is I am off. :)

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